Red brass (Copper-Tin-Zinc Alloys), Cast Bronze (Copper-Tin Alloys), Lead Bronze (Copper-Tin-Lead Cast)

Cast bronze has high wear resistance and is used for highly stressed sliding and gear elements.Red brass has good sliding and emergency running properties. It has relatively good wear and cavitation resistance. It is therefore used for hydraulic systems, sliding bearings, gear wheels, worm gearing and diverse fittings.  Lead bronze is corrosion resistant, has good sliding properties and is used for wheel bearings as well as composites and mold casting material.

Material code (as per DIN EN) CuSn12-C CuSn7Zn4Pb7-C CuSn7Pb15-C
Material number (as per DIN EN) CC483K CC493K CC496K
Material code (as per old DIN) CuSn12 CuSn7ZnPb CuPb15Sn
Material number (as per old DIN) 2.1052 2.1090 2.1182
Other names Tin bronze, Gbz12, SnBz12 Red brass, Rg7 Lead bronze
Versions from stock Rund Rohr, Buchse Rund Vierkant Flach Rohr, Buchse Rund Rohr, Buchse
Properties Tough, excellent wear resistance, good corrosion resistance, salt water resistant Medium hard, high wear resistance, good emergency running properties, good corrosion resistance, easy to machine Soft, excellent sliding and emergency running properties, acid resistant, excellent machinability
Use Bearings, worming gear rims, cylinder inserts, sleeve bearings, gibs and slide rails Bearings, sleeve bearings, bearing bushes Bearings
(g/cm³) approx.
8,80 8,80 9,10
Data sheet german copper institute CuSn12-C