Low Alloyed Copper (CuCrZr, CuBe2, …)

Low alloyed copper materials are used when it is necessary to maintain the conductivity of pure copper yet at the same time improve the mechanical properties or heat resistance.

Material code (as per DIN EN) CuCr1Zr
Material number (as per DIN EN) CW106C
Material code (as per older DIN) CuCrZr
Material number (as per old DIN) 2.1293
Other names Low wrought copper alloy
Versions from stock Rund Vierkant Flach Sechskant
Properties Extremely high conductivity for heat and electricity, high heat resistance, good hot working properties
Use Electrotechnology, machine engineering, contacts, welding and soldering technology
(g/cm³) approx.
Data sheet german copper institute CuCr1Zr

Further available quality grades:

Material code (as per DIN EN Standard) CuBe2 CuCo1Ni1Be CuNi2Si
Material number (as per DIN EN Standard) CW101C CW103C CW111C
Material code (as per old DIN) CuBe2   CuNi2Si
Material code (as per old DIN) 2.1247   2.0855
(g/cm³) approx.
8,30 8,80 8,80